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Pretty soon you might not have Martin O'Malley to kick around anymore.


That’s the gist of a new Washington Post report that claims the former Maryland governor/guy-who-looks-like-he-plays-a-president-on-television’s campaign is “perilously close to financial collapse.”

Before the start of last month, O’Malley “had only $805,987 left in the bank,” compared to Clinton and Sanders who had $33 million and $27 million in cash on hand, respectively. Things haven’t gotten much better since then. O’Malley is now seeking matching funds to try to keep his struggling campaign afloat. 

People are skeptical that this plan will give his campaign a boost. “You might get the plane off the ground, but then you quickly run out of gas,” said Joe Trippi, using a metaphor that may not be a metaphor. Of course, Trippi also sees a silver lining. Seeking matching funds is “not a dumb thing.” But in the end, lol nothing matters: “You die now or die later. Either way, it’s not going to end well.”