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Gunfire interrupts a Jamar Clark protest in Minneapolis.

Jeff Wheeler/Star-Tribune

Since Minneapolis police killed Jamar Clark, an unarmed 24-year-old black man, protests have gripped the Twin Cities. On Monday night, the activists met resistance from the bullets of cowards.

Five protesters were wounded Monday night when three men opened fire on a Black Lives Matter encampment near the 4th police precinct in north Minneapolis. A police spokesman said that none of the injuries suffered are believed to life-threatening, but a local Black Lives Matter organizer told The New York Times that one victim was shot in the stomach and underwent surgery. According to the same organizer, the three suspects, all white men, were led away from the protest due to their strange behavior immediately prior to the shooting. According to reports, the suspects wore masks and bulletproof vests. Once they’d fired upon the crowd, the men fled. Despite the protest being at a precinct, the shooters got away from the police and remain on the loose as of Tuesday morning. 

Eddie Sutton, Jamar Clark’s brother, issued a statement on behalf of the family early Tuesday morning calling for the end of the Black Lives Matter protest at the 4th precinct “out of imminent concern for the safety of the occupiers.” It is an understandable reaction, since this is what terrorism looks like. This is the function that it performs. Remember that as we are warned not to travel abroad and told to fear Syrian refugees more than our white American neighbors with guns and a grievance.