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Looks like Captain America is starring in a bromance love triangle.

The trailer for Captain America: Civil War is out, and offers some important clues about this upcoming Marvel superhero slugfest. The movie is based on the 2006-07 Civil War storyline, in which the heroes of the Marvel Universe splinter into factions over a proposed government plan to register masked vigilantes. The series was a War on Terror allegory, with the various factions representing different approaches to the issues of freedom and security.

As the trailer makes clear, the movie will keep the political allegory. But the heart of the story will now be a bromance love triangle. Captain America leads the resistance to the government registration plan, but he’s motivated not just by a love of freedom, but also a desire to protect his youthful pal Bucky, who is a wanted man because of crimes he committed while being brainwashed. One scene shows Captain America firmly clasping Bucky’s shoulder.

Opposing Captain America is Iron Man, who is, of course, an arms dealer and natural representative of the military-industrial complex. But the personal angle is key here, too. “You know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice,” Captain America tells Iron Man, “but he’s my friend.” Looking hurt by his declaration, Iron Man responds, “So was I.” With manly men looking at each other with smouldering eyes, this might be the most sexually charged superhero movie ever made.