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J.K. Rowling is sick and tired of you hating on Snape, so stop it.


On Friday morning, the Harry Potter author (who probably has something better to do but whatever, if we haven’t moved on, why should she?) took to Twitter to answer a question many Potter fans have had since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows dropped eight years ago: Why did Harry name his son after Severus Snape, who was a total jerk who gave him lots of detention? 

The answer, spelled out over a series of tweets, was empathy and the desire to move on with life after Voldemort, two things some Potter fans have struggled with. 

“In honouring Snape, Harry hoped in his heart that he too would be forgiven,” Rowling tweeted later. “The deaths at the Battle of Hogwarts would haunt Harry forever.” But Rowling’s explanation wasn’t enough for some fans—apparently her timeline “exploded with love & fury.” 10 hours later, the fires were still raging. 

Got that, Potter fans? Leave Snape alone! And go for a hike or something.