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Donald Trump, who said, "If I become president, we’re gonna be saying Merry Christmas at every store," does not sell Christmas merch in his store.

Spy / YouTube

I’m a good Christian,” Trump said in Iowa in late October. If elected, he claimed, “You can leave happy holidays at the corner.” A campaign promise already broken, it seems. Make America great again? He can’t even make Christmas great right now. There’s not a single “Christmas” in his campaign store. Not one holly berry or fir tree.

This is no minor oversight. A President Trump wouldn’t have the power to force retailers to say Merry Christmas for six weeks a year, but surely candidate Trump has command and control over his own store. “It’s all about management,” Trump said recently, when asked how exactly he might go about registering American Muslims. Looks like he can’t even manage to out-Christmas Hillary Clinton. 

Clinton’s ugly Christmas ornament has already sold out. The Starbucks cup that sparked Trump’s Christmas promise? Rand Paul’s parody of it is on sale for $16. And you can get Ted Cruz’s beautiful face on a holiday sweater; it has Gadsden flag snakes flickering their tongues in his ears. The sweater is $60, but 4XL is $4 extra. Commerce is the true Christmas spirit.