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The only thing better than saying you’re like Ronald Reagan is changing your name to Ronald Reagan.


And being married to Nancy Reagan. According to the Charleston Gazette-Mail, in 2012 Ronald and Nancy Foster changed their names to Ronald Reagan Foster and Nancy Reagan Foster. Both are Republicans and both are running for office—Ronald, for “a seat on the Putnam County Commission” and Nancy “for a seat in the state House of Delegates.” The distinguished couple both embrace a number of Reagan’s policies. “Government is not the solution—government is the problem,” Ronald said, quoting the Gipper. “If we get government out of the way, people are very entrepreneurial.” Interestingly, Ronald changed his original middle name, Polk, because he “had always detested” it—in Siena College’s most recent poll of presidential rankings, which are made by historians and other experts, James K. Polk finished twelfth, six spots ahead of Ronald Reagan.