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Remember Jim Gilmore? He's running for president, and he has TV ads to prove it.

This weekend, voters in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Iowa were treated to a fresh face while munching on their leftover turkey: the grinning visage of Jim Gilmore. Gilmore has neither participated in a single Republican debate nor broken 1 percent in the polls. But he does have some slick new TV ads, courtesy of Donald Trump. 

According to FCC regulations, NBC had to give candidates air time to level the playing field after the network featured Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live earlier this month. NBC gifted 12 minutes to Gilmore and three other candidates: John Kasich, Mike Huckabee, and Lindsey Graham. 

For Gilmore, this could be Christmas come early. The former Virginia governor has struggled to gain momentum in the Republican race. The man only has 2,325 Twitter followers, and the closest he’s come to making national headlines was earlier this year when a conservative columnist called George Pataki “Jim Gilmore without the sex appeal.”