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The Russian Embassy in the U.K.’s Twitter feed is a beautiful mix of threats and adorable nature photos.

Russia’s embassy in London has, perhaps unsurprisingly, been tweeting a lot about Turkey for the past couple of weeks. This morning, it sent this not even veiled threat.

From a geopolitical perspective, this is somewhat scary. But in a more cosmic sense it is a thing of beauty. It reads like something you’d hear in a Steven Seagal movie: “Allah has punished the rulers of Turkey by depriving them of reason.” *roundhouse kick* “They will regret what they have done.” *haymaker* The picture, a washed out photograph of a television screen, is phenomenal—the proverbial cherry on top. Putin controls his image very carefully and he rarely looks this terrible, or unthreatening. He looks like a brook trout in a suit. 

But the Russian embassy doesn’t just tweet threatening messages about foreign policy with funny photographs. It begins nearly every day with a photograph of a nature scene from Russia. Here’s what it tweeted an hour before telling Turkey that it has run afoul of god: 

And sometimes, the stars align—the rare threatening foreign policy tweet that is also a nature tweet: