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Ever wish the Home Shopping Network sold more firearms? You’re in luck.


GunTV, a cable channel devoted to peddling deadly weapons (along with essential gun accessories like ammunition and holsters) will start broadcasting out of a California studio in late January. Like HSN and QVC, the network will feature live hosts hawking the merchandise for six hours every night, starting at 1:00 a.m. “We’re going to tell the backstory on the manufacturer, on the materials used to make these products, what kind of wood has gone into the making of the rifle, for example, how it feels to hold it,” one of the co-founders told the Guardian

Thanks to regulations, ordering a weapon from GunTV won’t be quite as straightforward as buying jewelry from a Real Housewife on QVC. Instead of sending the gun directly to the buyer, GunTV acts as a middleman—shipping the gun to a local gun store that will conduct background checks before the buyer can pick it up. And don’t worry: Every hour, GunTV will air three minutes of “safety education.”