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Watch Björk and Björk’s mouth do Björk stuff in “Mouth Mantra.”

Part of the singer’s new video, which was released yesterday, was filmed inside her own mouth. The results are predictable (mouthes are generally pretty gross and Björk’s is no different), but also predictably Björk-y (her mouth is pretty trippy, man). 

The video was directed by Jesse Kandell, who’s pretty into mouths. Björk had this to say about the project: “making hi tech mouth models and inventing cameras all to match a little therapeutic song about the throat . his dedication and devotion is overwhelming !!! i am especially grateful for those sassy dancefloor moments we managed to squeeze in there aswell : true magic !!” Dazed reports that the video will soon be available on Björk’s virtual reality app, which is a sentence that I’m strangely surprised I haven’t written before.