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Finally some good news: Steph Curry and Lionel Messi are buds.

This has been a bad week, but Curry and Messi—currently the two most dominant athletes on the planet—are doing their best to lift humanity’s flagging spirits by being buds who like doing bud stuff, like sending a cool gift to your bud. 

On Thursday, Curry sent Messi his #30 jersey to congratulate him for hitting 30 million followers on Instagram: 

Congrats @leomessi on 30 million!

A video posted by Wardell Curry (@stephencurry30) on

Messi seemed happy with his new jersey:

The Washington Post accused Messi of throwing shade at Curry for dinging him for not having 10 million followers on Instagram (Messi wears #10), but I don’t think that’s quite right—I think Messi’s just razzing his bud here. It’s some good-natured ribbing. Buds having fun with buds.