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Senator James Inhofe told a room of climate change deniers they’re “doing the Lord’s work.”


The chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee is best known for his insistence that global warming is a hoax, and he offered a pep talk on Monday to a group that hasn’t exactly seen things go its way of late. 

“As COP21 continues this week, I look forward to hearing what kind of cover-up deal emerges from this international climate conference,” Inhofe said in a prerecorded message broadcast during an unofficial side event to the Paris climate conference. “And you guys here in this room, as you always have, just keep it up. Our progress would not have happened without you. You’re doing the Lord’s work, and we’re going to win this thing together.”

His seven-minute rant, which summarized every conservative argument you might hear against a global climate agreement, was part of the Paris counter-programming planned by a few prominent denier groups, including the oil-funded think tank Heartland Institute.