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Move over SoulCycle. There’s a new overpriced boutique fitness class in town.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty

Bloomberg Business reports that Peloton, a cycling company that offers users unlimited spin classes streamed to their homes, “has become not just a vehicle for a grueling workout but the latest status symbol for the conspicuously fit.” That includes women like Candace Ryan, the wife of a Wall Street executive. She hops on her bike, which is installed in the bedroom of her summer home in Shelter Island, for a 45-minute class up to four times a day. 

Each Peloton bike features a tablet device on its handlebars so that users can stream a spin class, broadcast from Manhattan, wherever they are. The orange and matte black contraptions, which are made from carbon steel and aluminum, cost $1,995. For dairy lovers, the price may be worth it: the author writes that the bike’s internal magnets and rubber belt make you feel like you are “pedaling through butter.”  

Peloton, the brainchild of a man who describes himself as “a douchey business guy,” now rakes in almost half what SoulCycle does every year. And for the low, low price of $39 a month (on top of the cost for the bike), you too can have peppy inanities like “the only weight we need to lose is the negative thoughts in our head” screamed at you from the comfort of your living room.