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Watch the rambling, self-obsessed, lunatic despot, Darth Trump.


This Auralnauts video takes Star Wars scenes and dubs Darth Vader’s lines with Donald Trump’s monologues. What makes it genius is that, instead of imagining Trump as the sickest, coldest bad guy the universe has ever seen, he’s an annoying tyrant prone to stream-of-consciousness ranting about his petty obsessions. The glances between members of the Imperial fleet are not fearful, but eye roll-y. 

When informed of the risks of attacking the rebels, Darth Trump says, “You don’t have to be a total genius to figure this out! Even though I am a genius, OK?” Darth Trump babbles to Lando Calrissian about Trump steaks being sold exclusively at Sharper Image. Rather than continue listening to Darth Trump rant about Macy’s not saying “Merry Christmas,” Luke Skywalker jumps into the abyss.