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If you run a red light in New York, just don’t do it in front of the mayor.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Bill de Blasio is serious about bringing pedestrian fatalities down to zero. He also can basically arrest people on the spot, which is what one trucker found out when he did what hundreds of truckers in the city do every day. As the Times reports:

A truck driver found himself pulled over by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s security detail on Wednesday morning after he allegedly ran a red light—and was heading toward the path of the mayor, who was about to step into a crosswalk on his way to an appointment in Midwood, Brooklyn.

Mr. de Blasio, who has made traffic safety an early priority of his administration, flagged the violation to his police detail, a member of which flipped on the lights and sirens of a mayoral S.U.V. The truck promptly pulled to the side of the road.

Who says de Blasio is soft on crime?