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Sean Hannity’s ratings have fallen but he’s still really good at push-ups. Want to see? OK, great.

Fox News

“I’m just on a really strict regimen right now, because I’m working out so much,” Hannity said, explaining his “weird” lunch of scrambled eggs to the International Business Times’s Brendan James. The Fox anchor had to let the waitress know, too: “We’re talking about my MMA workout.” Hannity is kind of a relic at Fox. He’s not an insurgent Tea Party type. He’s a friendly interviewer of mainstream Republicans. And he’s been bumped to the 10 p.m. slot to make way for rising star Megyn Kelly. But that’s OK, because he’s still super buff. And everyone needs to know it.

On one episode of his show, Hannity, 53, explained that his workout routine was so much better than President Obama’s. Hannity worked out with UFC champion Chuck Liddell, who wasn’t even that good as a trainer. “Yeah, he wasn’t really good at holding the mitts,” Hannity said. “I usually do it with my guy. My guy, he’s really good at holding them, but I’m punching so hard he doesn’t want to do it anymore.” During his interview with James, Hannity also challenged a TV crewman to a push-up contest. He did clap push-ups.

Hannity’s ratings have fallen from 2 million to 1.5 million. Obsessive push-up publicity is a fairly mild way to compensate.

Push up contest last night with @billhemmer there was some debate over the winner... #hannity

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