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Full disclosure, Donald Trump gave a lot of money to my old high school.

Or his foundation, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, did. A New York Post story on the Donald’s charitable giving found that Trump has made no donations to his own organization for six years, but has instead made free with other people’s money, giving $50,000 last year to the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, the Upper West Side school I attended for grades seven through 12, and where Trump’s son Barron is currently being educated. 

Trump’s foundation gave away $500,000 last year, its lowest amount since 2003, with the largest donation—$100,000—going to the Citizens United Foundation, the group that with the assistance of the Supreme Court made our corporate-owned electoral dreams come true.

All of which makes it that much easier for me not to donate money to my alma mater, something I wasn’t going to do anyway. But now I have a good reason. Thank you, Donald. Still not voting for you.