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Chris Christie suggests L.A. kids and their parents are most worried about ISIS. A poll suggests otherwise.

Christie tied a bomb threat hoax that closed L.A. schools today to terrorism abroad in the fifth Republican debate on Tuesday. Christie said, “Unfortunately it is new normal under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.” He went on to say we have “people across this country who are scared to death” because “everywhere in America is a target for terrorists.”

Well, Christie was exaggerating a bit on what Americans worry about. According to a recent MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist poll, 36 percent of Americans say they’re most worried about a terrorist attack. But it also suggests another two topics that are on their mind: 31 percent name gun violence, and another 17 percent say being victim of police brutality. 

Now, Democrats and Republicans do differ on this. Most Republicans say terrorism is the biggest threat, while Democrats (and that likely includes a lot of parents in L.A.) are more likely to say gun violence.