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Maybe Donald Trump can rally Silicon Valley nerds to change ISIS’s wifi password!


Trump was asked whether he really, really wanted to close parts of the internet to fight ISIS. He said yes, but he also said nothing. “This is so easy to answer,” Trump said, before revealing that statement to be yet another lie. “ISIS is using the internet better than we are using the internet, and it was our idea!” We invented airplanes, too, but 9/11 still happened.

Trump called for “brilliant people from Silicon Valley to figure out a way that ISIS can’t do what they’re doing.” He added, “We should be using our brilliant people—our most brilliant minds—to figure out a way that ISIS can’t use the internet.” (There’s no one place where you can pinch a tube and stop the flow of internet.) He finished with the suggestion, I think, that he would find a way to pull the plug on the internet in certain war zones: “I would certainly be open to closing areas where we are at war with somebody.”