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Hillary made a lot of feminists cringe tonight.

ABC News moderator Martha Raddatz asked Clinton near the end of the Saturday debate, “Bill Clinton aside, is it time to change the role of a president’s spouse?”

After muddling through a response about how she’s “grateful” for her “predecessors and successors,” she added, “With respect to my own husband, I am probably still going to pick the flowers and the china for state dinners and stuff like that. But I will certainly turn to him as prior presidents have for special missions, for advice and in particular how we’re going to get the economy working again for everybody, which he knows a little bit about.”

Hillary is an experienced diplomat in her own right. Why would she downplay that?

Her campaign cleverly spun her response, but let’s hope that a President Hillary Clinton delegates the White House’s floral arrangements to someone slightly less busy—perhaps even her First Gentleman.