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A burning question in Colombia: Who the hell is this Steve Harvey guy anyway?

That’s what everyone in the country wants to know after the Miss Universe host mistakenly awarded the crown (tiara?) to runner-up Ariadna Gutiérrez (Miss Colombia) rather than winner Pia Wurtzbach (Miss Philippines). He then had to reverse his decision, and it all happened on live TV.

Colombia’s beauty pageant–winning women are a source of national pride, so the screwup is being covered with the same intensity as soccer championships and the FARC peace talks. El Tiempo, the most circulated newspaper in the country, called it “one of the biggest embarrassments in the history of television.” Semana, Colombia’s most respected magazine, noted that Harvey is a self-proclaimed Christian who has been married three times. 

On social media, one meme showed the Pablo Escobar character from the Colombian telenovela, El Patrón del Mal, inquiring, “What’s the name of the Miss Universe host? I’d like to give him a little surprise.”

Someone photoshopped a crown onto a photo of Colombian soccer star James Rodriguez from last year’s World Cup, when he cried after the national team lost to Brazil.

And Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos tweeted that Ariadna Gutiérrez would “still be our Miss Universe.”