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Lindsey Graham, one of the only presidential candidates who seemed to enjoy campaigning, is dropping out of the 2016 race.

CNN first broke the news this morning about the South Carolina senator. It was only a matter of time, of course: Graham was pulling an average 0.5 percent in the polls, only a smidgen ahead of George Pataki. 

He seemed to be having a great time on the trail, boozing with reporters and cheerfully stumping for support while calling for a land war. But his call for actual American ground troops in Syria, alongside his reputation as a Democrat-friendly dealmaker, doomed his campaign from the start. Obama summed up his problem perfectly in his new NPR interview, simultaneously bear-hugging Graham while calling out his hawkishness: “What’s interesting is that most of the critics have not called for ground forces,” Obama said. “To his credit, I think Lindsey Graham is one of the few who has been at least honest about suggesting ‘here is something I would do that the president is not doing.’”

Graham never qualified for the main debate stage, and he fell woefully short even in his home state: In one September poll, 78 percent of South Carolina GOP primary voters thought he should drop out of the race. Farewell, Lindsey Graham, the 2016 race barely knew ye.