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Byron York is old enough to remember that Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have remarkably different immigration records.

In a quietly devastating article for the Washington Examiner, conservative writer York drills down to the reason Rubio and his supporters will have a hard time muddying the waters. 

Rubio, now locked in a presidential primary race against Cruz, has argued that his position on immigration is similar to Cruz’s,” York writes. “Certainly in 2013, Rubio and Cruz could hardly have been more different in how they approached immigration.”

York retraces the alliance Rubio forged with Democrats to save his immigration bill—which included a citizenship guarantee for undocumented immigrants—from Cruz and other amnesty opponents. Again, devastating. And a reminder that while Republican Party officials hate Cruz and generally like Rubio, many, many conservatives with wide reach and influence remember 2013, think Rubio blew it on immigration, and are grateful Cruz was around to stop him.