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CBGB is back! But at the Newark Airport. And selling $14 cheeseburgers.

The legendary club where Blondie, Television, and the Talking Heads got their start closed in 2006—its former location in the East Village is now a John Varvatos store—but its brand has seen new life lately, most recently in 2013, when the second CBGB Fest took place in New York. (The festival hasn’t returned since.) 

According to Gothamist, CB(rand)GB is making another comeback, this time at the Newark Airport (aka a place I will hopefully never return to again), and the holding company that manages CBGB’s trademarks is responsible for throwing even dirt on punk’s coffin (the last nail was either the American Idiot musical, or the formation of Green Day, or the Sex Pistols re-recording a song for Guitar Hero). The menu at CBGB “will include $9 deviled eggs, an $11.50 wedge salad, and a $14 cheeseburger.”

The CBGB restaurant is misguided and bad, but there’s no chance it will be anywhere near as bad as the 2013 movie CBGB, which sucked.

Watch a clip from Punk, a documentary featuring performances from The Ramones, The Dead Boys, and, uh, The Police below. Around the 14 minute mark, catch The The sing “Corporation got nothing on me / you may control them but you can’t control me / Corporation got nothing inside / I don’t need any of your corporation pride.”