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Is R. Kelly’s new album tanking because he allegedly preyed on young girls? Don’t ask him.

The erstwhile R&B phenomenon is having trouble selling his new album. The Buffet moved only 39,000 units in its first week of release. Last week, when returns were even more glacial, Kelly posted a widely derided YouTube video in which he tried to shame black people into supporting him, because blackness. Ironic that shaming would be his tactic, since he’s likely as famous now for the numerous accusations that he preyed on teenage girls as for churning out hits like “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Ignition.”

We’ve know that Kelly is the Bill Cosby of recording artists for at least a good decade now, if not more. It’s likely why he’d post such a silly, desperate video trying to glean support out of a fan base that’s been boiled down pretty much down to apologists for his behavior and the folks who continue to sign him to perform at award shows.

His desperation showed up again during a Monday appearance on HuffPost Live. Anchor Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani remained professional as Kelly filibustered her questions about his alleged pedophilia and creepily referred to her appearance several times. Modarressy-Tehrani asked Kelly how persistent and legitimate doubts about his innocence might be slowing down sales of his new album. Given “one more question” by Kelly at the end, Modaressy-Tehrani (to her credit) went for a straight news question about the allegations. Kelly then walked off the set.

If you can stomach his asking whether she drinks and calling her “beautiful” repeatedly, I recommend watching the interview. It’s worth it, if only for Kelly’s textbook demonstration of male entitlement and avoidance of the only question about him that truly matters.