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Sarah Palin’s ‘31 Rock’ spoof video is so shameless it’s actually quite good.

Palin has made a one-minute video for the conservative website Independent Journal, in which she plays a small-town TV writer called “Lynn Melon,” who is supposed to resemble Fey’s Liz Lemon character and sort of does. Independent Journal frames the whole exercise as Palin’s hilarious way of getting back at Tina Fey for her most recent Palin skit on Saturday Night Live. (Independent Journal’s last popular video featured Kendall Jenner explaining the legacy of the Suffragettes and was, incredibly, not a spoof!) 

“31 Rock” doesn’t in fact contain any genuinely biting satire, but it is noteworthy for its string of delightfully shameless pleas for attention. Without giving too much away, in the clip below Palin bemoans the lack of snowflakes on the Starbucks cups, and complains about political correctness and Star Wars. Oh and she gets Kevin Brown to plug her book.