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Everybody wants the new Yeezys, even though they look like common leopard slugs.

The sixth and final pair of Yeezys—the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 tan—dropped today, and it seems like every retailer sold out of them within minutes. Finish Line is sold out. Same goes for Adidas, the shoe’s manufacturer—though I waited on line (digitally) for 20 minutes before I was informed that was the case. When I try to search for the shoes on Eastbay and Footlocker, I get 503 errors, if anything happens at all. Your best bet, at this point, is to head to Ebay, where the sneakers are being offered for between $800-$2,000. (They go for $200 normally.) Everyone is mad

But it might not be so bad, because the shoes are kind of ugly! They look like an old rug. They look like asbestos. They look like the shoes you would wear in a gluten free cult. 

Most importantly, even though everybody wants them, they look very impractical for this time of year. It’s been a warm winter, but these Yeezys are pushing it: all the salt will probably melt them, since they’re made out of common leopard slugs.