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The affluenza teen was arrested on Monday near a Mexican beach resort.

Late on Monday, authorities confirmed Ethan Couch had been picked up near Puerto Vallarta, a hotspot for ritzy family vacations and honeymoons.  

The teen—who killed four and injured others in a car accident but received a light sentence after his attorney argued that his privileged background made him dysfunctionaldisappeared from his Texas home shortly after a video posted on Twitter earlier this month appeared to show him involved in a game of beer pong, a violation of his juvenile probation. 

Somewhat predictably, photos from Mexican authorities show Couch had dyed his hair and beard what he must have thought was an anonymous shade of brown before he traveled with his mother to the beachside resort community that most fit their expensive tastes. The Tarrant County, Texas District Attorney is expected to give an update on the case today.  

UPDATE: In a press conference today, the Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson said Couch and his mother Tonya would soon return to U.S. soil, where Couch will be transferred to a juvenile facility to await a hearing in front of a juvenile judge. There is also a hearing scheduled in January to transfer Couch’s case to adult court.

Tonya Couch has also had an arrest warrant issued for hindering her son’s apprehension.