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America’s teens can’t stop punching America’s walls.

Who are America’s wall punchers? Who are the individuals who leave fist-shaped dents in sheetrock all over the country, making passers-by remark, “woah, somebody wasn’t happy”? 


Thanks to emergency room data gathered by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, we now know that there were more than 1,200 patients treated for wall-punching injuries in 2014, and so, so many of them were teens. 

As Keith Collins at Quartz points out, 15 appears to be peak wall-punching age: 


Wall-punching doesn’t appear to take much of a dive until a person’s twenties, though it’s notable the generally downward trajectory encounters a little bump at age 50, when wall-punching matches 40-year-old wall-punch rates.

Of course, it is not only teens who punch walls, and it might be that only teens are bad enough at punching walls that they wind up in emergency rooms saying to doctors, “I punched a wall.” Aside from teens, other notable wall-punchers include Dean Baquet of the New York Times, this entire Reddit thread full of dudes, and this guy, Ryan, who totally destroyed that wall, and wound up in a cast: