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The State Department wants to wish the press a Happy New Year.

Government agencies are famous for picking awkward times for a document dump, but the State Department has really upped its game by announcing that it will release 5,500 of Hillary Clinton’s emails at 4 p.m. today, on New Year’s Eve.

Now, to be fair, a court ordered the department to release 82 percent of her emails by the end of the year, and State is scrambling to meet that requirement. It has already acknowledged that some of the required emails will be coming next week, in 2016.

Still, this announcement will surely delight countless reporters who will now be able to forgo dull New Year’s parties so they can sift through Clinton’s missives in the hopes of finding one or two sentences of note. Given how dull most of the emails have been so far, this will be a New Year’s celebration to remember. And no doubt, this will only warm the already affectionate relationship between the press and Clinton.