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Grover Norquist has a sizzling hot Star Wars take.

The Republican bigwig, best known for his adamant opposition to tax hikes for the rich, tweeted a Star Wars analogy to express his opposition to gun control: 

I responded by pointing out that such a scenario plays out in Return of the Jedi, where the Ewoks, a low-tech forest species, defeat the Storm Troopers in a war waged with homemade weapons like clubs, axes, and bows. Norquist took umbrage at this critique and countered: 

Two things have to be said about Norquist’s response. Firstly, if the Ewoks are irrelevant because they appeared in a “fictional movie,” then the same is true of the Storm Troopers mentioned in Norquist’s original tweet. Secondly, despite all his confusions, Norquist deserves credit for seeing the Storm Troopers and the Empire they work for as evil. That’s a level of elementary analysis his fellow conservatives often have trouble achieving