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Please, don’t let your pastor fly coach this year.

Believers Voice of Victory

Last year (Happy 2016!), John Oliver took predatory televangelists to task for squeezing their parishioners for every last penny, then using those millions to support their lavish lifestyles.

In the immediate aftermath, defenders of so-called seed faith—that prosperity and happiness correlate to the amount you give back to your church—justified the practice. But it seems Oliver has gotten under the skin of at least a couple of the pastors themselves.

Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis had an incredible conversation in front of television cameras explaining that their private jets allow them to have direct conversations with God, and travel to places they otherwise couldn’t reach. “I would have to stop at least 75 to 80—more like 90—percent of what we’re doing, because we can’t get there from here,” said Copeland, whose ministry sits 35 minutes from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

As for why flying coach—or even first class!—doesn’t cut it, Copeland explained that too often he is approached by people asking him to pray for them. And as we know from Jesus, praying for those who seek prayer should never be done for less than market value.