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Setting fire to federal land isn’t the only non-drug related crime that carries a mandatory minimum sentencing.

ROB KERR/AFP/Getty Images

Mandatory minimums are usually in the news because of their prominence in discussion of sentencing reform for drug offenders, but the ranchers at the center of the militia takeover of a federal wildlife building in Oregon have drawn attention to another crime that has a harsh minimum—in their case, five years for fires that they claim spread accidentally to federal land. There are also mandatory minimums for things like child pornography, use of a firearm in a violent crime, and identity theft. Here are some even less known federal offenses that carry a mandatory minimum:

  • “Unlawful possession of the variola virus” (also known as smallpox)
  • “Bribery of a meat inspector”
  • “Failure to pay duty on saloon stores” 
  • “Violation of regulations relating to cotton futures contracts”
  • “Fraudulent use of a food stamp access device worth between $100 and $5,000”
  • “Violation of floating timber regulations”
  • “Violence at international airports where death results”
  • “1st degree murder of a meat inspector” (meat inspectors are apparently big fans of mandatory minimums.)