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Watch Making a Murderer’s Dean Strang defend Steven Avery on Fox News.

Strang, one of Avery’s two former defense attorneys, and Ken Kratz, the former district attorney of Wisconsin’s Calumet County, took turns speaking with Megyn Kelly last night. Strang had a chance to address some of the accusations Kratz and others have made in the wake of the documentary’s success, including that the filmmakers omitted important evidence that further implicated Avery in the murder of Teresa Halbach. Strang discussed the bones that were found in Avery’s burn pit, claiming that the documentary did not include expert testimony that the heat in the pit would not have been enough to incinerate the bones in such fashion; the claims that Avery bought handcuffs and leg irons before Halbach’s murder; the notion that Avery was “fixated” on Halbach and called her multiple times; and the supposed evidence of Avery’s “sweat” found under the hood of Halbach’s car. Watch—and judge—for yourself below: