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Ted Cruz wields a mean lightsaber.

Cruz is famous for his love of geek culture—he can enthuse at length about Watchmen and give an impromptu recital of The Princess Bride. So the Texas senator and presidential candidate is a perfect subject for a Star Wars mash-up tribute. But the short animated film “The Constitution Strikes Back—The Cruzade, starring Ted Cruz” is even more cheesy and bizarre than one might have imagined. It features the Constitution turning into a lightsaber, and Ted Cruz riding an elephant and leading a pachyderm army across America to confront a donkey-riding Barack Obama, who is protected by a squad of rhinos (i.e. RINOs—get it?). 

The video is hard to defend as art or entertainment but it is an invaluable window into the mindset of those hard-core conservatives who see Cruz as a perfect, gentlemanly Jedi Knight, ready to restore the Old Republic from its current corruption as a liberal Empire.