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Can Donald Trump win Iowa and win his beef with Samuel Jackson at the same time?

When he’s not trolling Ted Cruz over the circumstances surrounding his birth, Trump is doing what presidential candidates usually do in the weeks leading up to the first contest of the primary campaign: fighting with actor Samuel L. Jackson.

It all started when Trump got wind of an interview Jackson gave to Rhapsody Magazine, one of the in-flight magazines for United Airlines, in which Jackson suggested Trump cheats at golf. Trump is very sensitive to any suggestion that he cheats, probably because all the evidence indicates he’s a chronic cheater. So Trump blasted Jackson with a characteristically over-the-top claim that likely isn’t true:

As Jackson explained to Seth Meyers last night, he has, in fact, met Trump several times, and that Bill Clinton, of all people, is his witness. He also saw Trump cheat at golf.

Trump’s responses were pretty weak, so it looks like he’ll have to step up his game if he wants to claim victory over Jackson and his Republican rivals come February.