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Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza are the newest members of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Once again, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens—the two players with the most memorable and impactful careers on the ballot—didn’t make the cut because of the lingering stink of steroids (which is silly), but Griffey and Piazza will be enshrined in Cooperstown this summer. 

Of the two, Griffey’s career was far more notable. Perhaps the most well-rounded player of his generation, Griffey was a charismatic centerfielder with a beautiful swing and a gift for making spectacular catches. Although injuries make him something of a “what if” player—one can only imagines the heights he could have reached if he had stayed healthy—he is as sure a Hall of Famer as there ever was, receiving every possible vote but three. The three people who didn’t vote for him are insane. Watch eleven beautiful minutes of Griffey highlights below.