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Making a Murderer’s Dean Strang doesn’t like looking at himself.

Making a Murderer

In an interview with Slate, Steven Avery’s former defense lawyer discussed his personal style, which has been the subject of much fascination among his fans, and has been ably documented on the StrangCore Tumblr. “I never enjoy looking at myself in a picture or in a video,” he told Slate.

It’s sort of, “Who is that fat, old guy? That can’t be me! I thought I was better-looking than that.” So I don’t enjoy that. Never taken a selfie, probably never will, don’t want to look at myself.

Strang also said he waited three days before he even watched the series. He admitted that he was “very curious to see it” and “obviously interested because it was a case in which I was involved up to my forehead,” but that:

at another level, it’s a case I lost, it’s a significant professional failure for me, it’s a case in which the price to my client of my losing this case was life in prison without parole, and it was eight-and-a-half years ago. There was a part of me that was not eager to relive that moment by moment. 

Read Sarah Weinman’s essay on Dean Strang’s book about a miscarriage of justice that took place in Wisconsin nearly a century ago, and its parallels with Steven Avery’s case.