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Here’s today’s Ted Cruz birther watch.

The headline for the most popular story on—the conservative media’s leading outlet for stories questioning whether the Canadian-born Cruz is a “natural born citizen” eligible to run for president—cites a former Princeton debate team member claiming Cruz once “identified himself as a dual citizen.” Carly Fiorina, who is still running for president, questioned why it took so long for Cruz to renounce his Canadian citizenship. “I find it odd that Senator Ted Cruz did not renounce his dual Canadian citizenship until 2014, when it became clear he was running for president,” she told Fox News. Meanwhile, Cruz found himself an unlikely defender in Mitt Romney, the eminence grise of the GOP establishment, who tweeted:

But as Romney all but admits, he has a vested interest in defending the rights of those, like his father, who were born outside the U.S. He also stands up for President Obama, which means no birther can really take him seriously at this point.