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Quentin Tarantino does not know his awards history.

During The Hateful Eight director’s rambling, intoxicated acceptance speech on behalf of Ennio Morricone, who composed the movie’s score, he claimed that Morricone has never won an American award for any movie he’s done. Of course, if Tarantino had checked Wikipedia, he might have noticed that Morricone has already won two Golden Globes—in 1987 for The Mission and in 2000 for Legend of 1900. 

Tarantino also continued his streak of annoying black people, with his casual reference to movie composing as “ghetto.” (Something that probably wouldn’t have bothered people coming from anyone else.) Tarantino’s crazy speech at least led to the best line of the night: Jamie Foxx just walking up to the mic and repeating “ghetto.”