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David Bowie was funny.

Conan O’Brien last night paid tribute to Bowie, who made multiple appearances on his show when he was still at NBC (before Jay Leno ran him off the road in a 1969 Lamborghini Miura P400S). “In my experience he was also an incredibly nice person; he was fun, he was always funny,” O’Brien said. The clips back that sentiment up, though O’Brien’s tribute is worth watching for the clip of Conan telling Bowie he has “the coolest hair in rock ‘n’ roll” at the exact moment when Bowie had his worst haircut—something that can only be described as an “avant-garde Guy Fieri.” (Oh yeah—he was one of the few bright spots on Extras, as well. His guest spot, in which he humiliates Ricky Gervais, is especially nice to watch in the wake of Gervais’s awful Golden Globes performance.)