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Ted Cruz is playing with fire.

Mike Licht / Flickr

Speaking at a Second Amendment Rally in Hudson, New Hampshire, Ted Cruz said he wasn’t planning on watching the State of the Union address and quipped“I think there’s a Canadian curling contest on at the same time.” 

The question Ted Cruz should ask himself: Is this really the right time for him to be making jokes about Canada? After all, Donald Trump is making a big deal about how Cruz’s birth in Canada might make him vulnerable to legal challenges for not being a “natural born citizen,” as the Constitution requires of presidential candidates. And it’s not just Trump who is making these claims. Constitutional experts are agreeing this is a legitimate question, as are Republican notables like John McCain. And Caryl Fiorina has said, “I find it odd that Sen. Ted Cruz did not renounce his duel Canadian citizenship until 2014 when it became clear he was running for president.”

Given all the heat he’s received on this issue, maybe Cruz should leave Canada alone. Or perhaps he can’t because Donald Trump is getting inside Cruz’s head.