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Blair Walsh screwed up big time on Sunday, but a classroom of good ol’ first grade Minnesotans cheered him up.

Minnesotans are not known as the most critical of folks. Generally, they’re pretty nice. But after Blair Walsh missed a field goal that could have clinched the game for the Vikings and advanced them to the playoffs, the player spent time weeping in the locker room while he experienced a purple and gold bloodletting on the internet from fans. 

In a touching turn of events, a class of first graders made it their mission to buoy Walsh through his hard week—salving his wounds with written reminders that he is handsome, football is just a game, and everyone makes mistakes. A grateful Walsh visited the class today to say thank you. “For them to show that kindness and to show that empathy toward me, it’s remarkable,” Walsh told the Associated Press.

And for Vikings fans, there’s always next year. As student Tasha Lee, put it: “Keep on trying. Puppies are cute.”