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Marco Rubio struggles to explain how, exactly, Obama is going to take everyone’s guns away.

In an exchange on gun control, Rubio laid into President Obama at tonight’s debate for undermining the Second Amendment. “If this president could confiscate every gun in America, he would,” Rubio asserted. 

Moderator Neil Cavuto then pushed him to explain exactly what the president was doing that was so extreme. “What fact can you point to, senator, that the president would take away everyone’s guns?” he asked. Rubio proceeded to list the reasons:

1) “About every two weeks he holds a press conference talking about he can’t wait to restrict people’s access to guns.”

2) Obama said Americans are bitter people who “cling to their guns and their religion.”

3) Obama has meetings with the attorney general to talk about gun control.

So, Rubio’s rationale is: The president has ... talked about guns and gun control. As Cavuto tried to point out, “restrict is different than take away.” 

The least Rubio could have done was to point out the actual executive action that Obama just took on guns, as opposed to his mere rhetoric.