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Debbie Wasserman Schultz says tonight’s Democratic debate was scheduled to “maximize” candidates’ exposure.

Andrew Burton / Getty Images

How was your day today? Did you catch some NFL playoff games? Get some stuff done around the house? Are you out of town this weekend, because you’re one of the lucky people who has Martin Luther King Jr. Day off? Or are you gearing up for the work week tomorrow? Nobody would blame you for hitting the hay early, what with these short winter days and long winter nights.

Nobody except the Democratic National Committee chairwoman, that is, who seems to believe that 9 p.m. on a Sunday before a holiday is the perfect time for the last Democratic debate before the primaries begin. Speaking on CNN today, Schultz said, “I did my best to make sure, along with my staff and along with our debate partners, to come up with a schedule that we felt was going ... to maximize the opportunity for voters to see our candidates.” 

The DNC has previously claimed that scheduling tonight’s debate after an NFL playoff double-header was intentional, with spokesman Eric Walker saying the committee expects a bigger audience thanks to the preceding programming.

Whatever you say, guys