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After bizarre fumbling from the Clinton camp, Sanders says he’s releasing his medical records.

Yesterday Politico reported that Clinton surrogate David Brock was planning an anti-Sanders blitz involving the Vermont senator’s medical records. Brock, who heads Correct the Record, a PAC that directly coordinates with the Clinton campaign, was apparently going to demand that Sanders release proof of his health prior to the February 1 Iowa caucuses. 

Brock’s plan was widely perceived as desperate and nasty. 

But Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta was quick to step in with a good cop tweet seemingly aimed at shielding the campaign from backlash.

How nice. Meanwhile, Sanders said today on CNN that he’s perfectly healthy and will be releasing his records soon. Along with his medical records, the Sanders campaign might also consider releasing a big ol’ thank-you note to David Brock, who just made Bernie $250,000. 

Womp, womp