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Fantasy debate scenario: O’Malley endorses Sanders, drops mic.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Martin O’Malley introduced himself by literally introducing himself. “My name is Martin O’Mally.” Setting aside his very large polling deficit, any candidate who needs to tell viewers who he is two weeks before the Iowa caucuses should do some deep soul searching about his future. O’Malley must suspect at this point that not only is he unlikely to win the Democratic nomination, he’s also unlikely to be selected as the winning candidate’s running mate. To have a lasting impact on the race, he’d need to drop out and endorse...someone, quickly. With the polling disparity between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders narrowing, and for the purposes of testing his influence (and making the race more interesting for journalists) a Sanders endorsement would generate huge headlines. If he did it during the debate, they’d be huger still.

So, of course it won’t happen.