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Young people still love Bernie Sanders, even though he desperately needs a Werther’s Original right now.

NBC noted Sanders’s 2-1 advantage over Hillary Clinton with younger voters, in a debate that has ceaselessly pandered to them by including questions from YouTube celebrities about hoverboards or whatever. Clinton—who barely attempted to sound impressed that one of the YouTubers had five million views—said she was trying her best to appeal to these voters, which may help to explain her lolz Remember the 90s??? approach to social media

But despite his popularity with youngs, Sanders is an old, a fact that is evidenced by the fact that he is losing his voice in toinght’s very yell-y debate. An hour into tonight’s debate and Sanders sounds like he should be coaching the University of Vermont’s basketball team—he sounds like Dick Vitale mixed with Tom Thibodeau. But hard candy, not a throat lozenge, might be the answer. “Lozenges just numb your throat,” Siena basketball coach Jimmy Patsos told the New York Times. He uses Life Savers to ease the abuse constant screaming has done to his voice.