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Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush are both hipster cavemen.

Hal Yeager/Getty Images; Alex Wong/Getty Images

People magazine has an at-home interview with the Bernster (sadly, he’s not the cover model—that honor goes to Celine Dion), in which we learn that the presidential candidate does his own laundry, grills his own food, and chops his own firewood. 

It wouldn’t be a celebrity interview without talking about eating habits, and so the reporter informs us that the “down-to-earth” Sanders eats a diet of mostly meat and vegetables. “He was Paleo before Paleo was a thing,” says his daughter.

Of course, there’s another 2016 presidential candidate famous for eating Paleo—Jeb Bush, who has lost 40 pounds following the trendy diet. But as with most things, Jeb seems a lot more miserable about it: “I am always hungry,” he told The New York Times last spring.