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#TBT to that time when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama hated each other.

Eight years ago today, the two candidates faced off in a heated, nasty debate in South Carolina that laid bare just how much animosity had accumulated between their camps after the first three contests of the 2008 primary calendar. The seven-minute clip below has a wealth of highlights, and it’s hard to choose a favorite: Clinton virtually shooting flames from her eyes; Obama sadly shaking his head to suggest all his opponent’s shameless duplicity; both dropping opposition research bombs (Walmart! Rezko!) that draw whoops from the evenly divided crowd (is that John Lewis strenuously applauding an attack on Obama?); a forgotten John Edwards trying and failing to get a word in. “We’re just getting warmed up,” Clinton quips at one point, flashing a little bloodlust. It’s a reminder that as Clinton’s current race with Bernie Sanders heats up, the 2016 Democratic primary has so far been a very genteel affair.